Join the fight to save the Long Form Census in Canada!


The decision by the Federal Conservative government to eliminate the compulsory long-form census threatens the fundamental source of information that all Canadians depend on to ensure that the decisions made by governments, non-profit organizations and businesses are based on fact, rather than guesswork or blind ideology.  There is no other way to gather this information accurately in Canada at this time.

This decision has been condemned by an overwhelming majority of Canadians, both individually and through their civic, religious, professional, and educational institutions.  Despite this, the government has yet to pull back from this destructive decision.

This website provides a location for individuals and organizations who oppose this decision to share information, to continue to mobilize, and to access resources to take this fight back into their local communities.

A growing number of Canadians are realizing that this is critical to our economic future, as well as to our health and well-being.  Without the information collected through the long form census, Canadians will be less healthy, less prosperous, and less safe.  Join the growing chorus of Canadians demanding that the government bring back the compulsory long form census.

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